Biggest Myths Around Wallpaper

Biggest Myths Around Wallpaper

With wallpaper making such a comeback it's no wonder so many people have been hesitate in the future. The wallpaper our grandma's had was time consuming, hard to work with, and even harder to take down. I know from first hand experience. My parents moved to a little town in rural Kansas into our home that needed some updated touches. The home was covered in grandma wallpaper with outdated designs. One of our chores or at that time I felt like or "punishments" was taking down the old wallpaper. It was pasted wallpaper and not only that the previous owner had put wallpaper on top of more wallpaper three layers deep! You can imagine my surprise when creating a wallpaper company and finding out that wallpaper has become SO much better since that time due to new adhesive technology. Because of this experience and so many other people's experiences I want to dispel some of the "myths" around wallpaper.

Myth 1: Wallpaper is the same as it used to be

This is not the case! Now instead of pasted wallpaper (which still exist) many companies are switching to peel and stick paper. The adhesive technology on the backing of the wallpaper makes it so much easier to work with! Something to remember though with peel and stick is not all peel and stick are created the same. Make sure it is a luxury peel and stick and has a woven fabric feel so it is breathable fabric and won't trap air bubbles. Our favorite is found HERE

Myth 2: Wallpaper is out-dated!

Not anymore! Wallpaper is making a comeback, and not just a little comeback a big comeback in many ways! We are seeing wallpaper in every major magazine, in influencer's and celebrity homes, and interior designers are using them for their model homes. Recently, we attended the Parade of Homes and saw wallpaper in every single home that was being showcased. Not only that, but wallpaper was seen on master bedroom ceilings behind kitchen cabinets etc. Wallpaper is very much in and we are here for it!

Myth 3: Wallpaper is a beast to install! 

It is no lie that wallpaper can take some time to install. But due to adhesive technology and quality wallpaper it can cut your time down in half! That is why the quality of your wallpaper matters. Companies now offer wallpaper samples which are around $6-$8 and will give you a feel for the quality of their material. We highly suggest grabbing one- this will be a good indicator of how hard/easy it will be to install. We are big fans of quality peel and stick wallpaper because it is repositionable and allows you multiple tries to stick and reposition in order to line up your design correctly. We also offer our squeegee which allows air bubbles to not be trapped! Which can sometimes happen with wallpapers. It's amazing and allows the install process to work in no time! Our favorite application tool is HERE and it's only $5.00! 

We hope this article was helpful in dispelling some of the myths around wallpaper. Don't hold back- dive into this trend that is staying around for awhile! We can't wait for you to get your hands on wallpaper! HERE


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