• Autism Awareness & Support

    Autism month is in April of each year.

    Tasha has a personal tie to autism as her youngest son, Boden, is on the autistic spectrum.

    Our company would love to giveback to organizations that promote autism support and awareness.

  • Create Memories for Cancer Patients & Their Families

    We all know someone who has battled cancer. The whole process can take a toll on families.

    Lori has a personal tie to this giveback initiative since her husband is a cancer survivor and their family was able to escape reality for a few days before his treatment began by taking a quick trip to the beach together.

    We would love to provide families with this same opportunity to make memories and get away from the emotional and financial stress cancer always has in tow.

  • Support Organizations That Support Women

    We recognize what a privilege it is to live in a country where women are valued and have the same opportunities as men.

    With Tasha’s background in Social Work, we want to focus some of our giveback efforts on women and children in vulnerable situations.

    Possible partnerships include teaming up with Mothers Without Borders-- an organization in Zambia, Africa, that fouses on education, immediate needs, and empowering women. Another organization we’d like to work with is Ghana Makes a Difference and their mission to provide a path to self relliance, shelter children, and rescue and reunite disabled children with their families.