Favorite Shops and Stops in Waco, Texas

Favorite Shops and Stops in Waco, Texas

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to Waco? After watching Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper we wanted to visit! We love the way they incorporated family + home and could create a home of their dreams with vision and hard work. It made us as an audience feel like we could do the same. Maybe with power tools and trial and error we could have the home of our dreams, too? Since appearing on TV, Chip and Joanna have gone on to create Magnolia in Waco, Texas. Friends have talked about Waco for some time and after going ourselves, we are so excited to share our tips and tricks for visiting Waco!

We stayed at the most gorgeous place outside of Waco in Crawford, TX called The Gathering Oaks Retreat. This beautiful home is nestled on 30 acres and has a larger home as well as small cottages in the back to gather a big group. Included is a pool, hot tub, fire pit, and the most serene backyard which would be perfect for a family union, retreat, or a wedding. We highly recommend it! 

Later that day, we spent time going to Joanna's first shop called the Little Shop on Bosque— which is the original home of Magnolia Market. They offer last chance items at a discounted price and might I add have the most comfy pajamas (homebody is written on them) that you must grab! From apparel to gifts, florals, vases, body care items, there are so many great finds there! 

Next, you will want to head to the Silos and Magnolia Home. It is everything you thought it would be and more! From the stunning scenery, to the color ways and use of plants it is an aesthetic dream. So many places to eat at including the Silos Baking Co. which is known for their cupcakes. We highly recommend the Carrot Cake and Strawberries and Cream cupcake- they were our favorites! Or grab a juice at Magnolia Press or a bite to eat at the food trucks. After you grab a bite to eat and sit down on the cute chairs or take pictures at the many photo opportunities we suggest shopping! Magnolia Home is amazing and you will love every single detail. Everything was stocked and you will want it all. So plan to spend! 

Might we add while we were at Magnolia we noticed a local favorite and a must place to see in Waco called The Findery. It is adjacent to Magnolia and was originally an old gas station turned into a home/clothes boutique. From statement pieces for your closet to unique home items they have something for everyone. We had the opportunity to go there and shop and grab drinks at The Boiler Room which is part is of The Findery. So many cute things there and the place has so much character. We were so impressed by the owner Tiffany and all the work it took into making The Findery what it is today. The Gathering Board Co. did the most incredible food spread and we highly recommend them for your events! Everything from the cheese, bread, crackers, spread, and chocolate was fantastic. We ended the night eating a dessert you have to get in Waco! Might I add we are complete foodies and would never lead you astray. Milk Bottle Cookies is the name of the company and their cookies were SO good! The best dessert we had in Waco. Their oreo cookie, original chocolate chip, etc. were divine! We were so glad we didn't skip on this local favorites and places- it was fun to learn about the history of Waco and the people. One thing we discovered was everyone was SO nice and kind! 

Lastly, you will want to end your stay going to Magnolia Table. This is Chip and Jo's restaurant and the wait is usually an hour to an hour and a half. They serve breakfast and lunch and are open Monday-Saturday from 6 am- 3 pm. Magnolia Table is about eight minutes away from the Silos. The ambiance was really incredible and people from all around the world come to visit this location. We were greeted by a friendly server and were told the customer favorites: Jo's biscuits with strawberry butter, homemade oversized tater tots, lemon lavender donut holes, and their burgers. 

We had such a good time in Waco! It was a perfect place to visit and we love what Magnolia is all about family and home which really aligns with our company Ayara. We can't wait for you to experience all that Waco has to offer! 

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