Jodie Design Twins x Ayara

Jodie Design Twins x Ayara

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Jodie from the Design Twins. Jodie is such a kind person with many talents and one of them is she is amazing at wallpaper. We met Jodie at a Waco, TX retreat and she told us her experience with wallpaper- what makes a great wallpaper, etc. We were anxious to get our wallpaper into her hands and get her feedback. Her words after working with our wallpaper were "totally blown away by the quality. I had to finish working with it to complete my full experience before I could really speak about it. Now I am blown away!" 

Jodie did a bedroom makeover and her print can be found HERE

We know you will be blown away by our quality once you try it to. It's not your grandma wallpaper, it's so much better. 


Tasha + Lori 

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