Virtual Consults

Virtual Consults

Want luxury removable wallpaper but not sure what wallpaper will look good in your space? Or how much to order? If you have wondered several of these questions before- we understand! Wallpaper is an investment and can often times be intimidating if you haven't worked with it before, or had a painful experience with other wallpapers that didn't have the adhesive technology that our removable wallpaper carries. 

One of the reasons we created virtual consults was to help eliminate the painful points of ordering. In the 15 minute consult call (we can do phone call or facetime) we spend the first five minutes educating on wallpaper and how ours is different than other wallpapers and why that matters. One thing to know about wallpaper is not all wallpaper is the same! Quality matters- without a good quality wallpaper your walls will get damaged and your install process will be much more challenging. We also talk about the importance of an easy to install/take down process. Next, we help you decide on a design based on your style! No worries if you don't know what that style is. Even starting with a basic color scheme (i.e. I like blues in my living room!) is an easy place for one of our designers to start. Next, we have you provide us with your length x width of your walls so we can help you with knowing how much wallpaper to order. Often times this is the most tricky part of the process. We do this all in a span of 15 minutes! 

After the call we send you an email with 3-5 designs as well as a 15% consult discount when ordering. We make the process easy and pain free. To schedule a consult click HERE with your name, email, phone number, and when you would like a consult. We hold them Tuesdays/ Thursdays 10-12 MST.  Once we receive your information we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your virtual consult and let you know what time slot is available. 

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