Creating a Peaceful Home

Creating a Peaceful Home

I remember a distinct memory when we had a salesman come into our home. We live in Utah and this young gentleman was doing door to door sales and was originally from Baltimore, MD. I have always taken pride in my home not that it is free of messes or looks like a designer home but it is our happy place. As this sales man walked into my home he looked around at the art pieces, candle that was lite, and the blue and grey hues that were present he then said “You are really good at decorating your home and your home make me feel so… safe.” I sat there and thought and what he said especially the last part  “Your home makes me feel so safe.” I then thought that’s EXACTLY what I want to achieve when someone walks through my space I want them to feel a sense of safety and peace.

 Ways to Achieve a Peaceful Home:

Here are some ways I have found to cultivate a more peaceful home environment:

  1. Create distraction/tech free zones.
  2. Incorporate color palettes that create a soothing environment to achieve this blues/grays are a popular go to for relaxation. 
  3. Declutter your spaces- less is more.
  4. Utilize scents- candles light, aromatherapy, incense add to a calming environment.
  5. Add greenery to your space- plants/greenery are known as a calming element. Plants can often times improve air quality and can create a more peaceful home.
  6. Listen to music- Calming music can create a calm vibe in your home often times we play Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, etc. and it immediately changes the mood in our home.
  7. Surround yourself with calming elements- Often times in our rooms we have big Minky blankets, rugs that provide warmth, and pictures to remind us of happy moments in time. These calming elements provide my kids and I a sense of security and refuge from the storms of the world.   
  8. Add artwork! I have found artwork that portrays scenery is really soothing to my soul. One of my favorites is found HERE

 What do you do to create peace in your home?

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