Five Interior Designs Trends in 2022

Five Interior Designs Trends in 2022

 Basic Color Palettes

Last year we spent so much time in our homes as many of us were forced to work from home. This made many of us re-do our homes as we yearned for peace and tranquilty in those spaces more than ever. Because of that many people recognize the need for basic colors: muted tones and neutral palettes of natural shades.

 Furniture with Rounded Shapes

Pay attention this season to lamps, tables, sofas, and poufs most of design furniture loses right angles, many are now founded. While this is not a new trend it wasn’t formed too long ago. Many times layouts and strict lines are softened by furniture pieces without corners.

Nature Inspiration

This is going to be one of the main trends of 2022. Due to the importance natural materials and textures presented in 2021 it was applied to nearly everything furniture, home décor, and decoration it is seeping into many other textures.

Be sure to be on the look out for some of the most popular inspired nature textures: marble, granite, wood, onyx, stone, and wood. Also, remember in light colors. This could be kitchen backsplash in stone or a wood paneling on a statement wall. Another way to create inspiration by nature is through light wood furniture pieces. Light wood furniture creates a feeling of “warmth” and can insulate the space.

 Home Garden

One of the latest interior design trends that is surfacing is home gardening. This became a trend globally that came about during quarantine conditions. When many people missed going on daily walks they could create a feeling of nature through indoor plants.

 You can create a basic home garden by identifying places in your home space were flower or greenery pots can be placed. Consider two to three spaces for points of reference. One tip: when putting them around the room avoid places such as windowsill. Also, not too many when too many are placed in a room the feeling of coziness and tranquility is sure to leave.


Another trend that was started by our 2021 conditions when many of us realized the need to get rid of non-functional things that no longer served us.

Remember minimalism is related directly to color. Soft palettes with natural hues, gray, etc. Instead of decorating every wall in your home consider one statement wall. You could add wallpaper (our favorite HERE) or a downloadable art piece for your statement wall (HERE).

Less is more is the focus more than ever when it comes to interior design trends in 2022.

XOXO Tasha + Lori 

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