Five Ways to Make Your Space More Inviting

Five Ways to Make Your Space More Inviting

One of the biggest compliments I can receive from someone is when they say to me, “Your home is so inviting,” or “your home is so cozy.” My goal when anyone comes through my doors is for them to feel safe and accepted as they are, and my hope is they are able to put their worries and anxieties aside…
Through the years I’ve had various walks of life come through my doors and say, “your home is cozy,” or “I feel relaxed here.” I decided to write a post about it and share five ways to make your home more inviting. These are things that will instantly put your guests and yourself at ease and are simple ways to make your home feel inviting too!
  1. Get throw blankets or have comfy blankets in baskets in the room

They will help invite those in your home to grab a blanket and stay awhile.

  1. Have a Comfy Couch In Your Living Space

Your couch is the staple of your living space. It is a very used space so choose one that will provide comfort and style. Nothing is better than snuggling up on a comfy couch with your favorite book after a long day!

  1. Create Ambiance

Make room for great scents, good lighting, and fresh flowers. In my home we always have 4-5 plug in’s or candles going (smells are usually according to the season), and as it gets later in the day we slowly dim the lights. Some of my favorite smells for the season are: linen or clean smells in the spring, fruity/summer melody wax cubes in the summer, apple and pumpkin scents in the fall, and cinnamon or Frazier fur in the winter.

  1. Use Paint Colors That Create Relaxation

One of my top tips is to use paint colors that create relaxation in your gathering spaces. Some of the main colors I prefer are whites, grays, and hues of blue. If I want to do moody colors (darker colors), I feature those colors in places in my home that aren’t geared for relaxation (bathroom, den, office, etc.)

  1. Use Artwork and Pictures with Purpose

Throughout my home I have some abstract art mixed in with family pictures. Sometimes this can be overdone with too many pictures so my advice is to choose one picture and one piece of art as a starting point.

My hope is that when someone comes into my home they can immediately see what I value! For me, that is family. Ask yourself, what is it that I value? It could be your family, dogs, kids, partner, beliefs, or achievements. Whatever it is you value, make sure to include that in your living space. Your home should represent you!

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