Good Things Utah - Refresh Your Home This Season

Good Things Utah - Refresh Your Home This Season

Have you ever had the opportunity to be on TV? We both have not until two weeks ago! We had the opportunity to be on Good Things Utah for a five minute segment talking about ways to refresh your home for spring. You can watch our segment HERE Below are some tips and tricks that we shared during our segment. 

Some of our favorite ways are:

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a big comeback! It is back and it is better than ever. There is now wallpaper that is breathable so it won't trap air bubbles, easier to install, and due to so many people renovating right now it is a great option! So many individuals are not buying right now due to increase in house prices- but they can renovate and change their space drastically with a couple of different changes for a lot less than buying. Wallpaper is one of those changes and the best part is when you are done with it- you can rip it out (damage free!) Our favorite is found HERE

2. Sell Old Home Decor to Buy New Decor

One of our favorite ways to refresh your space is by selling your old home decor. It is surprising how much value is still in some of your old home items. I recently sold some shelving decor and was able to get 40% of it's value. Which allowed me to replace a couple of items in my living room. An instant refresh and it made such a difference! 

3. Organize Your Space

Nothing says spring or summer cleaning like organizing one of your spaces! Start with the space you need organizing the most. For me that is the kitchen/pantry. Most the time the hardest part is just to start- so start with a drawer a day. I love to listen to a podcast while I organize it makes the time go faster. Add some organization spice or pantry labels and before you know it- your pantry will be much easier to navigate (and look great!) We particularly love these pantry labels found HERE

Hope this helps when refreshing your space and be sure to check out our GOOD THINGS UTAH (GTU) segment found HERE

XOXO Tasha + Lori 

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