Masculine Collection of Wallpaper

Masculine Collection of Wallpaper

It's here! We are so excited to announce we now carry a masculine line of wallpaper at Ayara! When Lori and I would meet people at conventions, retreats, etc. the number one thing we would hear when they heard we did wallpaper is, "do you have a masculine collection?" If so, I want it! Our husbands both started working a hybrid schedule which means they have offices at home now due to the shift in our nation over the last two years. Our husbands both expressed wanting wallpaper in their offices that looks and feels like them. 

Three months later we have now launched our masculine line and it's our favorite launch yet found HERE. Our wallpaper Welkin Sky is becoming a best seller and we envision our masculine collection in so many spaces in your homes/businesses. Wallpaper adds such a great element to a space and our wallpaper makes the installation process a lot easier due to the material of the product! Can't wait for you to get your hands on it! 

Try a sample today! 
XOXO, Tasha + Lori 

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