Wallpaper's back, and it's better than ever!

Wallpaper's back, and it's better than ever!

It's true. Wallpaper is sweeping through homes and transforming spaces. And it's not the decades-long commitment it used to be. 

Ayara wallpaper is adhesive so there's no glue.

It's repositionable, which means it's easy to install.

Not all peel and stick wallpapers are created equal! Our luxury wallpaper is printed in house with the best material on the market: a breathable, fabric-like texture that won't trap air bubbles.

And because we use luxury material with the best adhesive technology, it has the ability to last for years and then easily come down when you're ready for a change. Truly and completely removable.

 Give it a try and you'll see why everyone's talking about it! Find all of our wallpaper here.

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