We install wallpaper now!

We install wallpaper now!

We are so excited to announce that we now install wallpaper- not just sell it! We have a team of four talented women who install for us in Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah County! These women have installed in both our office and in our homes and are so talented. 

Here are some things that were really important to us when hiring on wallpaper installers: 

1. A Knowledge of Wallpaper

Because not all wallpaper is created the same it was important for us that our wallpaper installers have experience with all different types of wallpaper: vinyl, luxury peel and stick, as well as traditional wallpaper. Our wallpaper is a luxury peel and stick and we also do traditional wallpaper as well per request of our interior designers. Having this knowledge ensures they know how to best prep the wall and work with the material.

2. Experience with Hanging Wallpaper

It was important to us that our wallpaper installers have years of experience with hanging wallpaper. Wallpaper is an investment and we wanted our installers to be professional at this art. Not all ceilings/walls are created equal and understanding of the material as well as experience with hanging wallpaper makes a significant difference. To ensure this we had them hang it in our work office as well as in my home. They did an incredible job! They worked fast, efficiently, and did a phenomenal job. 

3. Great Bedside Manners + Communication Skills

Lastly, it was important to us to have installers who have great bedside manners who make our clients feel comfortable having them in their homes. Our installers contact the client 24 hours after they request an install- through text/via phone call and are mindful of the client's needs. 

We are so excited at Ayara to have this new add on and look forward to expanding installers across the country! 

Tasha + Lori 

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