First of all, WELCOME! We are so excited that you are here! We look forward to becoming "official" bloggers and share our love for all things home. Our journey started years ago when Lori became a surface pattern designer and Tasha began building her custom home. Both of us have always had a deep passion for home design and decor but it wasn't until living through the last two years we recognized how important our homes were. Our homes became our very favorite places to be during an uncertain time in the world. It wasn't how they looked that brought us peace, but more importantly how they made us feel. It was then we both decided to turn our passion for all things home into a business and help others create this feeling in their homes as well.

Our mission in creating Ayara is to help you create a place of peace. Now more than ever, we believe your home should be a refuge from the world, a place were you can fill your home with things and people you love. Every piece we create has this mission in mind. Between our worldwide artists, our passion and love for interior design, and our experience as business owners, we can't wait to bring you fresh ideas to transform your house into a "home."

Our goal for this blog is that you leave feeling inspired and full of creative and fun ideas that you can implement in your own space! More importantly, we hope our page becomes the highlight of your day and encourages you to create a home full of warmth and love. So join us while we design, decorate, and inspire together!


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