Why add wallpaper?

Why add wallpaper?

Wallpaper is often one of the fastest and most financial affordable ways to transform any room. Whether you want to add a little or a lot, wallpaper instantly adds texture and visual interest to even the tiniest spaces. When adding wallpaper it allows you to minimize the other things you need in a room. Start with wallpaper then work your way around a space.

For example, if I was designing a bedroom makeover I would first start with my wallpaper- then use the colors from the that to contrast against my bedding and pillows.  Wallpaper makes a perfect place to experiment with adding color, pattern, and texture to any space. Want to make a bold statement in a room? Use bright or moody colors with big graphics for design. Want to add a minimal design to accentuate what you already have? Choose a design with two colors, small designs, and that doesn't distract from the space. 

Whether you are a professional interior designer or just love making your house feel like a home. Wallpaper is the way to go! It instantly makes you feel confident in your space- and completely changes the look and feel of any room. Grab your hands on our favorite wallpaper today HERE



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