Wallpaper Consults

We're thrilled to offer free wallpaper consults to our Ayara customers!

What's a wallpaper consult?

It's a 20 minute meeting one-on-one with an Ayara Designer. We talk about your space, your vision for it, and then walk you through the process of selecting your wallpaper and determining how many panels you need to bring your vision to life!

Spots are limited so make sure to contact us today using the form below and we can get you scheduled!

Consults will be available on Tuesdays 10-12 MST + Thursdays 10-12 MST

  • Pictures of your space.

  • Measurements of each wall you're considering wallpapering.

    For example...

    Bedroom wall 1 - 122.5" W x 108" H

    Bedroom wall 2 - 128" W x 108" H

  • Color scheme and 4-5 wallpaper designs you're considering.

  • Preferred meeting method: zoom call or phone call.